ASEM Teaching Unit
  • ASEM Teaching Unit is an academic exchange program between Leipzig University (Germany), Roskilde University (Denmark) and Sogang University graduate schools focusing on the theme of new regional awareness. The program seeks to foster understanding of phenomena that cannot be included in the conventional epistemological framework of national boundary, nation state, exclusive territory, and East/West dichotomy. The regimes of enormous global governance with EU and ASEAN at the helm and the principal agents of politics, economy, society, culture and international community, including businesses and civil society, are challenging the existing mode of thinking in the current course of post-Cold War globalization.

    The significance of ASEM Teaching Unit lies in gaining a transregional understanding of this historical background. The position here is that a framework such as the East/West division or regional particularity is not essential but just a political/intellectual strategy and that understanding of global phenomena is actually possible through comparisons of regions. By simultaneously holding online seminars and conferences designed to tap out a new transregional awareness, the students of each university compare their own ‘regional context’ and understand that the epistemological framework of such distinction is constructivistic and genealogical.