Flying University of Transnational Humanities
  • Project Duration : July 2015 ~
  • Flying University of Transnational Humanities (FUTH) is an annual one-week summer program dedicated to fostering critical understandings of global and transnational connections and interactions of humanities and social science scholarship. It welcomes graduate students, postdoctorates, and junior scholars across a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to explore their interest in the transnational paradigm of inquiry.

    FUTH derived its name from Poland’s Flying Universities, an underground educational movement first started in Warsaw in the late 19th century under the control of Russia, and later revived during the Nazi occupation to offer alternative educational opportunities outside the confines of state control and government censorship of education. FUTH was founded in 2010 by Jie-hyun Lim, while he was at the helms of the Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture (RICH) at Hanyang University in Seoul. Since 2015, it has been headquartered in the Critical Global Studies Institute at Sogang University.

    Current FUTH partner institutions include University of Leipzig (Germany), University of Pittsburgh (US), St. Andrews University (UK), University of Tampere (Finland), National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan, Cornell University (USA) and Sogang University (South Korea). Hosting of FUTH rotates among its partner institutions. The sixth and most recent FUTH was held in Cornell University from July 10 to 14 in 2016 under the title of “The Future of Humanities and Anthropological Difference: Beyond the Modern Regime of Translation."

    The FUTH program may vary slightly from year to year depending on its host institution. However, it usually features daily keynote lectures, presentations by Ph D candidates, post-doctorates and junior scholars, and poster sessions of thesis papers written for a master’s or a bachelor’s degree.

    Information on FUTH application process will be announced soon.