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Call for Submissions A new book series from Palgrave Macmillan: Entang…

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Call for Submissions A new book series from Palgrave Macmillan: Entangled Memories in the Global South

Managing editors: Jie-Hyun Lim (Sogang University, Seoul) and Eve Rosenhaft (University of Liverpool)

Globalization has dramatically reconfigured the landscape of memory (or mnemoscape) in the third millennium.  The space in which collective memories take shape is no longer national but global, and in the emerging global memory space, memories have become entangled, reconciled, contested, conflicted and negotiated across borders, connecting historical actors and events across time and space in new ways. Memories of slavery, racism, colonial genocide, nationalism, world wars, Holocaust, anti-colonial liberation movements, Revolution ’68, feminist movements, social minority movements, multi-culturalism, globalization, post-nationalism, etc. are inseparably interconnected. A generation of scholars has devised terms such as “multidirectional memory”, “travelling memory”, “cosmopolitan memory” and “entangled memory” to characterize this process.

As part of the same process, memorial practices and memory contests outside of Europe have developed dynamics and languages of their own, though often in dialogue with or borrowing from the paradigms established in the wake of World War Two.  In Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and the spaces (Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean) that connect them, vernacular and institutionalized memories of past traumas are being shaped in conversations both within and across national borders. And while territorialized collective memories continue to be interwoven with one another through processes and practices of cross-referencing, imitation, confrontation and competition, the European experience which was for so long the touchstone for critical study and practice is being increasingly de-centred.

These developments imply both a scholarly and a political programme of critique, with specific manifestations in and implications for the Global South: How have particular memories and memory practices emerged out of particular historical experiences, and how have they come to be appropriated as official or cultural memory or for deployment in civil and international conflicts? What role does transnational exchange – the entanglement of memories, whether through translation, cross-referencing, adaptive imagination, unilateral “re-purposing” or active dialogue – play in the formation of memory and memory practices? What happens to memory as practice and experience, and what happens to Memory Studies as a field, when European experience and categories are de-centred? Finally, how far do developments outside of Europe offer models of memory activism that can promote productive dialogue between the subjects of memory, doing justice to the past without promoting hierarchies of victims or victimhood nationalism?

Opening up or answering these questions does not mean that the Eurocentric memory regime should be replaced by another hegemonic memory regime. The series Entangled Memories in the Global South aims to globalize national memories of the South as well as to provincialize the Eurocentric memory regime.
We invite proposals or finished manuscripts that address these questions. Submissions from all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences are welcome, as are works that reflect on experiences of political and cultural practice (memory activism, museums, etc.). The series will publish works in the following formats:

• Monographs
• Pivot books of up to 50,000 words (
• Volumes of essays (These should have a clear independent rationale, internal coherence, and editorial input that ensures that each one makes a contribution to moving scholarship forward,)
• Translations: Subject to funding being available, we welcome proposals for English-language translations of works originally published in non-European languages.

To submit a proposal, please dowload a form here and send it to Molly Beck ( 
You can also contact one of the editors, Jie-Hyun Lim ( or Eve Rosenhaft ( with informal enquiries.


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