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NO. Subject Name Date Hit
20 [Colloquium] Yoon Hur, "The History of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery as Deliberate Ignorance" 첨부파일 최고관리자 12-06 5
19 [Colloquium] Choongshil Jeong, "Cinema: Space of Darkness, Assembly, and Film Screening" 첨부파일 최고관리자 11-30 7
18 [Colloquium] Ryuta Itagaki, "Divided Family, Shared Memory: Memories and Records of North Korean Linguist Kim Soo-kyung and the Separated Family" 첨부파일 최고관리자 11-23 13
17 [Colloquium]Eunjoong Kim,"A Postcolonial Reflection on the Nation Form: Cases of the Andean States of South America" 첨부파일 최고관리자 11-20 11
16 [Conference] Nationalism and Internationalism in the Historical Imagination 첨부파일 최고관리자 11-07 48
15 [Colloquium]Eve Rosenhaft,"Mnemonic Solidarity? Scenes from the UK in Crisis" 첨부파일 최고관리자 11-07 24
14 [Colloquium] Stefan Berger, "How to Handle the Nation? War Museums and National Historical Master Narratives" 첨부파일 최고관리자 10-26 34
13 [History Lecture Series] The Sound of Resistance, the Echo of Song 첨부파일 최고관리자 10-23 32
12 [Author Discussion] Yungjin Lee, "Death and Nationalism: Commemoration of Kamikaze Soldiers and the Politics of Mourning in the Post-war Japan" 첨부파일 최고관리자 10-22 28
11 [Conference] Negotiating the Time 첨부파일 최고관리자 10-16 30
10 [Colloquium] Seung Ki Min, "Psychoanalysis and the Study of Memory: Focusing on the Concept of 'Mourning'" 첨부파일 최고관리자 10-12 22
9 [Colloquium] Karen Petrone, "Gender and War Memory" 첨부파일 최고관리자 09-28 38
8 [Colloquium] Bomun Choi, "Rethinking PTSD(Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)" 첨부파일 최고관리자 09-21 32
7 [Colloquium] Youngnam Lee, "About a singular colloquium as an historiography" 첨부파일 최고관리자 09-19 43
6 [Conference] East Asia as a Global Memory Space 첨부파일 최고관리자 09-12 65
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