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36 Call for Submissions A new book series from Palgrave Macmillan: Entangled Memories in the Global South 첨부파일 최고관리자 09-05 15
35 [Colloquium] Hansang Kim, " Collecting the Post/Colonial Images from Archives of Power Gazing" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 05-23 140
34 [Colloquium] Pertti Haapala, "Finnish Memory of the Year of 1918" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 05-16 214
33 [Conference ] "May 18 in global memory space," Academic Exchange Forum, 39th Anniversary of May 18 Democratic Uprising 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 05-09 310
32 [Colloquium] YEE, Young-Ran, "Xepian-Xenamnoi Dam Collapse Accident in Laos; Reflections and Monitoring of International Development Cooperation Activities" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 05-02 121
31 [Colloquium] Seonryeong Cho, "Dialectic of History and Image; designing, researching" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 04-25 120
30 [Colloquium] Satoshi Koyama, " Vicissitudes of the “Noble Republicanism” in Contemporary Poland" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 04-15 132
29 [Colloquium] Myeon Jeong, "Identity Politics in making Yunnan: legends, histories, memories" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 04-11 111
28 [Colloquium] Nigel Swain, Geoffrey Swain, Lim Jie-Huyn, "Memory in Post-communist Eastern Europe" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 04-04 184
27 [Calls for Applications] 9th Flying University of Transnational Humanities (FUTH) 인기글 최고관리자 04-02 218
26 [Colloquium] Jeesoon Hong "Urban Space and Collective Memory in China" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 03-28 147
25 [Colloquium] IM Heung-soon, Im, "Good Light, Good Air" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 03-22 146
24 [Colloquium] Jana Müller, "Practical Experience in Dessau-Roßlau with the Culture of Remembrance of National Socialist Crime" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 03-19 147
23 [Call for Applications] 9th Flying University of Transnational Studies : "The Holocaust Meets the Post-colonial in the Global Memory Space" 인기글 최고관리자 03-18 192
22 [Colloquium] Popiołek-Roßkamp, "History of the Others? Heritage of Polish People’s Republic after 1989" 인기글첨부파일 최고관리자 03-08 183
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